About Us

Ever Since CountyWebsite.com was founded in 2000, we have been assisting and satisfying the needs of hundreds of local businesses throughout the nation with web development, web marketing, social media management, mobile optimization, and SEO management services. From our local business to yours, we can create the website you always wanted, help you get new customers through our national directories, and aid with website maintenance. You can find out more about our other services at:



 Meet The Founder 

 Bob Luther - CEO

Bob co-founded a local search optimization firm in 1996. He helped build one of the first live online auction companies, broadcasting and collecting bids for the major vintage car auctions. In 2000 he started CountyWebsite.com, Inc., serving small businesses in the Maryland, Virginia and the Washington D.C. region. Later the company expanded by building a national network of business directories covering metropolitan areas across the United States.